Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Cape Jasmine Plant Stem Cell Youth Serum!

Our new "gotta have it" products - Plant Stem Cell Serums!!! We have 5 different serums available and when you use them you will see immediate results. They are super moisturizing for the skin, but are also oil-free, and we have serums for wrinkles, acne, sun damage and rosacea. 

Today I want to spotlight our Cape Jasmine Plant Stem Cell Youth Serum.... Cape Jasmine stem cells are the same as Gardenia stem cells... they are a restructuring collagen booster and provide the skin with healing, regenerative and protective properties. They help improve skin tone, elasticity and minimize wrinkles. We also include goji berry extract in this serum, which uses an isolated active glycopeptide fraction from the goji berry, which provides both skin lifting and firming properties. This specific glycopeptide fraction forms a perfect rigid ligting mesh to support sagging and wrinkled skin and creates an immediate visible lifting appearance. Use for forehead wrinkles, reduction of crow’s feet, eyebrow lift, frown lines, sagging skin areas, etc. 

In clinical test results at a 3% concentration, it improved skin firmness by 26.8% after 1 hour. 

You will see an immediate lifting action in your skin and will instantly be addicted to this serum. To put this serum over the top, we've scented with exotic jasmine essential oil and helichrysum essential oil - you won't be able to stop smelling this product. It is amazing! Check it out at our website, 

Can't wait to get your feedback!!!

~ Amy

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