Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Five new breakthrough plant stem cell serums

Just wanted to share our official press release...

"Clovertree Apothecary announces the release of five new breakthrough plant stem cell serums, featuring potent herbal ingredients clinically proven to provide dramatic, visible skin care results."

Clovertree Apothecary, purveyors of natural and organic skin care products, bath and body blends and herbal remedies, announces the release of five new breakthrough plant stem cell serums featuring potent, clinically-proven plant stem cells and packed with additional healing herbal ingredients to provide dramatic, visible skin care improvements and results. The new serums are as follows:

Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell Eye Serum - to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and inflammation
Cape Jasmine Plant Stem Cell Youth Serum - to boost collagen production and improve skin tone and elasticity
Gotu Kola Plant Stem Cell Brightening Serum - to improve dark spots and reduce scars and sun damage
Lilac Plant Stem Cell Clearing Serum - to prevent and reduce acne and blemishes
Marrubium Plant Stem Cell Calming Serum - to calm the skin and reduce redness

Amy Bohn, founder and creator of Clovertree, is extremely excited about releasing these new serums to the public. "Clovertree Apothecary prides itself on offering the best in pure, organic skin care remedies that are good for the skin, good for the body, and good for the environment. We are thrilled to advance our line to the next level with our amazing new plant stem cell serums utilizing proven, clinical evidence and the most concentrated formulas to bring visible skin care results to our customers."

"To say that Clovertree embraces plant-based ingredients is an understatement", Bohn explains. "Our sole purpose is to harness the natural healing power of plants in order to provide the best possible skin care, bath & body products, and herbal remedies available today. These new plant stem cell serums allow us to utilize the latest in skin care technology, while keeping our product line extremely pure, healthy, and beneficial."

Clovertree's new stem cell serums are available in mid-October in select upscale spas, fine boutiques and apothecaries across the United States, and on Clovertree's website at

About Clovertree Apothecary.
Clovertree Apothecary is an acclaimed new line of natural and organic skin care products, bath and body blends, and herbal remedies. Clovertree was first created in partnership with Spa Habitat, an award-winning chain of organic day spas in the Southwest United States, where it was developed and perfected using years of research and hands-on application with top skin care professionals and discriminating spa customers. Clovertree Apothecary products are now available in upscale spas, fine boutiques and apothecaries across the country, and online at  Clovertree Apothecary. Plant Beauty.

Clovertree Apothecary is headquartered in Plano, Texas. For inquiries or additional information, please email or call 214-407-9708.

New Cape Jasmine Plant Stem Cell Youth Serum!

Our new "gotta have it" products - Plant Stem Cell Serums!!! We have 5 different serums available and when you use them you will see immediate results. They are super moisturizing for the skin, but are also oil-free, and we have serums for wrinkles, acne, sun damage and rosacea. 

Today I want to spotlight our Cape Jasmine Plant Stem Cell Youth Serum.... Cape Jasmine stem cells are the same as Gardenia stem cells... they are a restructuring collagen booster and provide the skin with healing, regenerative and protective properties. They help improve skin tone, elasticity and minimize wrinkles. We also include goji berry extract in this serum, which uses an isolated active glycopeptide fraction from the goji berry, which provides both skin lifting and firming properties. This specific glycopeptide fraction forms a perfect rigid ligting mesh to support sagging and wrinkled skin and creates an immediate visible lifting appearance. Use for forehead wrinkles, reduction of crow’s feet, eyebrow lift, frown lines, sagging skin areas, etc. 

In clinical test results at a 3% concentration, it improved skin firmness by 26.8% after 1 hour. 

You will see an immediate lifting action in your skin and will instantly be addicted to this serum. To put this serum over the top, we've scented with exotic jasmine essential oil and helichrysum essential oil - you won't be able to stop smelling this product. It is amazing! Check it out at our website, 

Can't wait to get your feedback!!!

~ Amy